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Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything? YES!!!! – Rusty Urn

It has been an awesome three weeks since our Grand Opening. We have sold quite a few things out of the shop, but of course everyone is excited about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. One of the questions that I get asked most frequently, and with great skepticism I might add, “Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint really stick to anything?” I of course say an emphatic YES! I show the pieces that I have painted that had a high gloss or laminate finish. I show the original hardware on furniture that has been painted. But to further prove the point, I have decided to paint a series of furniture and decorative items to which no other paint in the world would stick, to show my customers and all of you that it does indeed stick to anything. (By the way- go to www.anniesloanunfolded.com to find a retailer near you. If you are in North Florida, come see us at Sweet South Cottage.)

Rusty Urn Waiting for Transformation

My first item for total transformation is this rusty urn. I found this sad girl in a junk shop. She had trash and old peanut shells in the bottom. Yes, poor thing, someone was using her as a trash can.

After a lengthy debate at Sweet South Cottage, it was decided that the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color “Arles” was going to the be the winner to do our girl up good as new. (And because the can was already open for a table we were painting – hey this stuff goes a long way, we have to at least try to use a can all up).

After painting out the urn in Arles, she was dry-brushed with Old White to bring out the details. Isn’t she a beauty? A few silk flowers are added and the transformation is complete. WOW! How do you think my girl looks now?


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