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Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything? Yes!!! – Silver Plate Tea Pot

This is the second installment in the blog series “Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything?  Yes!!! My Rusty Urn post has garnered quite a few hits. Now when some of you read the title of this post, I am sure there were a couple of gasps and a couple of you even said “No she didn’t”. Well, yes I did! In my defense, the silver plate teapot in question was bought for a dollar and has no lid. It was actually sitting not far from my rusty urn in the same junk shop. This was a rescue and up-cycle, if there ever was one. Please don’t paint Grandma’s silver that she passed down to you. I love silver, but I also LOVE how this came out!

Teapot With No Lid Before


I painted the teapot with old white – a couple of coats actually. I didn’t want any silver showing through. I then painted a coat of Duck Egg, but I left quite a bit of the Old White showing through. I then waxed with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. I may go back and hit it with some Dark Wax in the detail areas. Tell me what you think?

I really do love this look. These are silk flowers. I painted well down into the teapot but only about halfway down in case I want to put water in for real flowers. What surfaces are you painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?











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