Sweet South Cottage

IT’S REAL (My South) South Carolina

This poem was written by my third cousin Sara Muxlow. She is a true Southern Lady and I hope you enjoy her delicious descriptions of her beloved South Carolina.


IT’S REAL (My South) South Carolina  

Pure white gardenias on oh so green topiaries of foilage. I can smell ’em now.

Magnolia trees scented like lemons when in bloom.

Azaleas—everywhere here.

Camelias at Christmas, bloomin on the lawn.

May Pops along the dirt road, made into ballerinas by little girls at play.

Oh those white dotted cotton fields. Nothin’ like them to me.

The creek so cool, just waitin’ for my wading.

Snakes I am so s-c-a-r-e-d of, hidin’ out.

Crepe Myrtle Trees abloom from September, back to June.

Flitting little Eastern Bluebirds soooo lovely and dear.

Oh the sweet, contented sound of the cooing of the dove, reminds me of blessings from above.

The squawking of bluejays at the crows in time of fall.

Ice cream on the back porch sending out grinding sounds as my muscles ache from the endless turning of the crank.

Aromas from Sunday dinner of fried chicken and okrie, on the stove.

Morning biscuits and gravy with country ham and grits.

Coffee smells coming into the bedroom early in the morning.

Smoke smells from the iron stove we cook on, or heat with.

A warm 70 degrees found on any random day through all the winter months.

Jonquils pushing up green shoots in December, to continue on until blooms appear in February.

“Yes we have summer heat, but we cope, it is worth it.”

Grass greening up, early as March.

Trees and most other, bloomin’ out by March’s end.

Old fashioned rose bushes lush with cabbage rose blooms, smell so divine!

Ocean shores just a day away.

Mt. cool days, just hours away.

The Upstate, I love so dear.

The Low Country, not too far away, just pretty near.

Churches on every corner, in our part of the state.

Some steepled, some with none. A heritage I can’t do without.

A people built on conservative ideas and values, still live here.

Folks who always new how to work a day’s labor for pay. We didn’t need a union.

A place where children are taught to say Yes Mam and Yes Sir, No Mam and No Sir.

No disrespectful familiarity here.

We know what is right, we were taught.

We are the South, don’t mess with us!

We been doin’ fine a long time now, Y’all.

I am a South Carolina Sandlapper, and oh so proud of it.

So, know we love others, as we should. We want that understood.

We don’t do much meddlin’ on others way of life, n’ ours is good for us.

Y’all just know, we don’t need a change.

There’s much more could be said, but we will stop with just this!

Greatest reason, Best of all—we recognize GOD as our creator.

Jesus as our Redeemer.

We revere God Alone,

Love our State,

Love our Country—we have unity, but are diverse.

We thank God for our special corner of it,


 By: Sara (Goodmon) Muxlow 

Born in Spartanburg County,

South Carolina 

May 24, 1933

This work written:

Friday the 13th of January, 2012



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