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A Send-off for Scooter

Candace and Scooter a few weeks before he passed away

                                          Treasured Friend

“I lost a treasured friend today; The little dog who used to lay, 
his gentle head upon my knee; And share his silent thoughts with me…
He’ll come no longer to my call; Retrieve no more his favorite ball, 
A voice far greater than my own; Has called him to His golden throne.
Although my eyes are filled with tears; I thank Him for the happy years, 
He let him spend down here with me; And for his love and loyalty.
When it is time for me to go; And join him there, this much I know…
I shall not fear the transient dark; For he will greet me with his bark.”
Author Unknown

Recently my dear friend Candace lost her beloved dog Scooter. Scooter was a Jack Russell Terrier and boy did he live up to a terrier reputation. He was an energy-filled go-go guy until the last year of his life. Candace became Scooter’s mom when he was only a puppy. When he passed away, he was 17 years old. This is only a testament to how well cared for and loved he was. To Candace, Scooter was so much more than her pet. She doesn’t have biological children. Scooter has always been her boy. He was there with her through the death of her mother; through a divorce; a move across the state; changing jobs; dating and finally a new marriage and becoming a step-mom. Scooter was the only dog I ever knew that could watch a tennis match on TV. He would sit on the ottoman and his head would go from side to side watching the small ball on the screen. He was a pretty special little guy and we have many funny Scooter stories. Candace has spent her career in politics. Here is a picture of Scooter in his younger years with some members of the legislature as the Official Blue Dog of the Florida House of Representatives:

Florida House of Representatives Official Blue Dog – 1996

Scooter was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Candace and her husband Chuck nursed him through many months of treatment. Alas, the Vet told them  that the cancer had likely spread to his brain and that the end was very near. They chose to medicate him and make him comfortable. A friend came to their house every day and gave him an IV bag during the last week of his life. They treated him very much like Hospice would care for a dying human. Scooter died like he lived, with great dignity. Chuck built a special burial box in which Scooter would be buried. Candace asked that I paint the box. It was very sad, but it made me glad to be able to do something for her in her time of deep sorrow. Here is a picture of the burial box:

Scooter’s Beautiful Burial Box painted in Chalk Paint™ colors Old White and Paris Gray

Candace has two other dogs – Biscuit and Stanley. They are loved and treasured, but there will only be one dog she loved the best. Rest in peace sweet Scooter. Never was there a more faithful friend.

Left to Right: Stanley, Chuck and Biscuit

I love you Candace- xoxo

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