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I have wanted a chicken coop for several years now. About every six months, I would search for chicken coops on the internet and email numerous links to Mr. Sweet South Cottage. He never really took me serious when I said that I really, really wanted chickens. Fast forward to this year and the Florida Legislature passed the Florida  Agritourism Law which allows agriculturally classified property owners to operate Agritourism Operations without additional regulation by local government. BINGO! So now I was determined to get chickens as an addition to Sweet South Cottage. We have even changed our name to Sweet South Cottage and Farms. 

_MG_0033 copySweet South Cottage is located in a 1950’s guest cottage on the 23 acres where my home is located. The addition of Agritourism activities just seemed like a natural next step. There are numerous lovely chicken coops on the internet but there was only ONE coop that made my heart beat faster.  It was a gorgeous chicken coop by Fancy Farm Girl.  I stalked her coop for a year. I showed it to lots of people and when I emailed the pictures of coops to Mr. Sweet South Cottage, I told him that Fancy Farm Girl’s coop was my dream coop. Mr. Sweet South Cottage was determined to make a better coop than Fancy Farm Girl. He does love a project. Every guy that works in our local Home Depot was shown Fancy Farm Girl’s coop so he could show them what he was building. 

I hope Fancy Farm Girl believes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because we totally ripped off some ideas from her coop.  Here are the pictures. They are fantastic and were taken by Allison Nichole Photography. I hope you enjoy!

_MG_9905 copy_MG_9971 copy_MG_0012 copy

Pretty Amazing, Right? Mr. Sweet South Cottage designed and built the entire structure. Notice the netting that completely covers the chicken run area. It keeps those pesky critters away from my babies. And one of my girlfriends said she was so jealous that my chickens got Bahama shutters before she did. Mr. Sweet South Cottage attached reclaimed vintage windows to keep the rain from coming into the coop and to keep it cool in the summer. In the winter, the windows will be lowered to keep the coop warm.

_MG_0005 copy_MG_0017 copy_MG_0029 copy_MG_9997 copy

Mr. Sweet South Cottage also got me a tractor for free. It doesn’t run but it was perfect to provide some shade in the chicken yard. And I painted it with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors Antoinette and Old White. I just think it is adorable and the chickens seem to like it too! If you look closely, you can see one of our Polish Crested chicks sitting in the tractor seat of the last photo. Isn’t she is adorable!

Chicken on ChairThis is one of our Rhode Island Red hens named Henrietta posing on a shabby chair painted with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan color Antoinette. She is a very sweet girl. The chair is perfect for chicken cuddling. 

_MG_0060 copy

This a chandelier that I picked up for $5. Someone had given it a terrible silver spray paint job. All it needed was a little Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. Doesn’t every chicken coop need a chandelier?

_MG_0079 copy copyA shot from the coop foyer into the coop. Yes I also painted a vintage milk can and an old trunk for storage. Mr. Sweet South Cottage bought this great screen door from Home Depot. I wanted it to be super fancy!

_MG_9966 copy

Here are some of my lovely chickens enjoying a meal inside their very Swanky Coop. I hope you will come visit us at Sweet South Cottage and Farms very soon. And look out for future posts about our gorgeous celebrity chickens. 

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