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Soft Wax Tip Wednesday – Warming Your Wax

Soft Wax Tip WednesdayBaby it’s cold outside! I don’t know what your weather is like where you live, but in North Florida it was in the mid-twenties (Fahrenheit) last night. (For those of you who use the Celsius scale, that is 7 degrees below freezing!) Brrrrrrrr. The rest of the United States is in a deep Arctic freeze.

If Soft Wax is cold, it will not behave it’s best. So here are a couple of tricks of the trade for working with Soft Wax in the colder months.

Soft Wax Tip:  Wax needs an ambient working temperature of 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 to 29 degrees Celsius – so work indoors. But in the event that the wax is still a little stiff, you can heat it up a bit to make it more flexible. You can sit it on a sunny window-sill, place it in a pan of very warm water, heat the surface of the Soft Wax with a blow dryer on a warm setting or even place it on a candle-warmer that is plugged into the wall. Even in the warmer months, I prefer my wax a little melted. You will be amazed how it glides on like butter. Try this tip and let us know how it worked for you!

Happy Painting and Waxing!

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