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My Brush with Greatness – Two days with the world famous decorative artist Annie Sloan

I am on a high. It is the type of high that you get when you are in love or eating chocolate or if you just have accomplished something hard like running a race. I am still in the bloom of euphoria from attending the Annie Sloan Annual Stockist meeting in New Orleans. Annie spentContinue Reading

Win a Ticket to see Annie Sloan in Atlanta on March, 29, 2012!

We have been telling you about the Annie Sloan North American Tour for several months. Now you have an opportunity to win 2 individual tickets (each a $350 value) to see Annie Sloan and take a workshop from her personally in Atlanta on Thursday, March 29, 2012. This is a quick contest, so hurry up and enter.  There isContinue Reading

IT’S REAL (My South) South Carolina

This poem was written by my third cousin Sara Muxlow. She is a true Southern Lady and I hope you enjoy her delicious descriptions of her beloved South Carolina.   IT’S REAL (My South) South Carolina   Pure white gardenias on oh so green topiaries of foilage. I can smell ’em now. Magnolia trees scented likeContinue Reading


Announcing… THE ANNIE SLOAN AMERICAN TOUR  AND CHALK PAINT GIVEAWAY! (This one is going to be Big!) To spread some holiday cheer and celebrate the Annie Sloan American Tour, we are excited to announce this wonderful giveaway. See how you can enter to win one the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Holiday Baskets given away byContinue Reading

Today My Mom Has Been Gone Three Months.

That title is so sad for me to write. Here we are on this crazy journey, my sister and I, trying to get a new business up and running and we are missing our mom like mad. My mom was my best friend and three months ago she passed away and went to be withContinue Reading

Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything? Yes!!! – Silver Plate Tea Pot

This is the second installment in the blog series “Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything?  Yes!!! My Rusty Urn post has garnered quite a few hits. Now when some of you read the title of this post, I am sure there were a couple of gasps and a couple of you evenContinue Reading

Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Really Stick to Anything? YES!!!! – Rusty Urn

It has been an awesome three weeks since our Grand Opening. We have sold quite a few things out of the shop, but of course everyone is excited about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. One of the questions that I get asked most frequently, and with great skepticism I might add, “Does Annie Sloan Chalk PaintContinue Reading

“NO UGLY FURNITURE SHALL GO UNPAINTED” Contest- Win a “FREE” Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop at Sweet South Cottage

IT IS CONTEST TIME!!!! One lucky winner, will win a spot at our workshop on December 10, 2011. The workshop is titled: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 101, Bring Your Own Furniture. It will be held from 10 am to 4pm and is a $195.00 value. CONTEST RULES: 1. You must become a Fan of theContinue Reading

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshops

We had a great weekend in High Point, North Carolina at Faux Works, the studio of Barb Skivington. We are now certified to teach Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Techniques to all of you! First, I want to heap praise on Barb Skivington. She is an amazingly talented artist and an incredibly gifted teacher. She isContinue Reading

Fellow Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Retailer: Sweet Vintage Decor

Last month Sweet South Cottage became a retailer for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes. Posts around this product line will be featured regularly. You will see transformed furniture, workshops, and tips about the best techniques and tools for using the products. Annie Sloan herself  and the International Distributor for Annie Sloan Products Jolie DesignContinue Reading